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From: Bertus Engelbrecht

Date: November 2010

Bertus Engelbrecht

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

Article marketing is one of the worst kept secrets online, but for a very good reason...

Since the term “Bum Marketers” was coined, tens of thousands of internet marketers make full time incomes just writing and submitting articles daily to generate targeted traffic and build quality backlinks to their websites and affiliate offers.

Article directories are super popular with search engines and get tons of targeted traffic daily.

That is one of the reasons why submitting articles to article directories and blogs is one of the BEST STRATEGIES to get more visitors to your websites and to build quality backlinks for better rankings in the search engines.

Submitting Unique Articles For Backlinks Can Easily Get You Ranked No. 1 on Google...

get backlinks

Why is submitting unique articles a great way to build backlinks?
  • There are hundreds of article directories with high PR that you can submit your article to.

  • Article directories are seen as information storage sites, and is very important in Google's eyes.

  • Because your articles are unique, more of them will get indexed by Google and MORE of them will be seen as Backlinks to your sites.
  • It is very easy to get an article on a popular article directory on Google Page 1.

  • You can easily enter 2 html links in each article for double the amounts of backlinks for each article submitted.

  • Because the backlinks are related to the content (the info in the article), it carries more weight in Google.

  • There are some great automatic tools and semi-automatic software tools that let you submit articles to hundreds or thousands of article directories and blogs for quick quality backlinks.

Unfortunately there are a few known problems and hassles with writing unique articles...

  • It can take hours to research and write a quality unique article.

  • I can be a painstaking process that could be very boring and repetitive.

  • You can only submit it to one article directory and then it is not unique anymore, so you have to write your next article again.

  • If you want to spin it so that you can submit unique articles, it can take you hours or can cost you as much as $25 per 500 word article.

So, how can you solve these article marketing problems and never worry about unique content again?

How can you get your hands on an unlimited amount of unique articles that you can use any way you like?

Introducing the answer to your unique content problems:

Weekly Spin Ready Articles!

weekly spin ready articles

I am offering an exclusive 100 members a chance to get access to a brand new pack of 5 original spinnable articles targeting HOT Internet Marketing each and every week, like clockwork!

These articles are already pre-spun to a very high uniqueness level, meaning you can spin them into thousands of unique articles that you can submit to article directories or use as original content on your blogs and websites.  You can even sell unique articles or use them to create your own totally unique ebooks to sell for 100% profits.

But, what exactly is a spin ready article?

It is an article that is written in a specific spin syntax, giving different sentence and word variations so that you can spin it to create multiple unique articles.  ie.

Here is the regular sentence:
This is what a spun sentence looks like.

Here is the same sentence in spin-ready format:
{This is|This is an example of|Here is|Here is an example of} {just what|exactly what|what} a {pre-spun|spinnable|spun} sentence {would look|might look|looks} {like after it's spun|like once it has been spun|like}.

And when you put this spin-ready sentence in a spinner you would get 100's of different versions of that sentence. 

This means that a well spun article can produce thousands of unique articles!  The better it is spun, the higher the uniqueness % of your articles would be and the MORE unique articles you would be able to generate.

The quality and value of OUR Super Spin Ready Articles are going to blow you away...

Each of our Weekly Spin-Ready articles are:

  • New and manually written by a human – We don't rely on garbage auto spinning software or old junk PLR articles.
  • Super Unique: The level of uniqueness for these articles are super high.
    • 1. Firstly, we write original 450-550 word, well researched articles on HOT IM topics.
    • 2. Then we create 2-4 totally unique variations for each sentence.
    • 3. Next, we also spin it on word level, substituting certain synonymns just to make sure it is as unique as we can get it.
    • 4.  Finally, we spin it a few times and proofread it to make sure that it reads well and that the uniqueness level is high enough.
    • These 4 steps allow YOU to create millions of unique variations from 1 single super Spinnable Article!
  • Using the standard spin syntax {|} with inner variations like {aa {bb|cc}|dd {ee|ff}}
  • Our Spin Ready Articles are compatible with the Top Content Distribution Software across the web: SeNuke, Magic Submitter, SEOLinkVine, LinkBuilder-Pro, Magic Article Submitter, Article Marketing Robot… and more. Get more value out of these awesome tools you are already paying for!

What can you use these spin ready articles for?

->Create websites with unique content and earn with adsense, affiliate programs, CPA or even by flipping them for money!
->Submit unique variations to the article directories.
->Create lots of unique ebooks or reports with them and sell them for 100% profits.
->Spin them into multiple unique articles and sell them as your own.
->Promote your websites with the use of softwares like Senuke, LinkDozer, Link Builder PRO, SEOLinkVine, and Article Marketing Robot among others.
->This will help you to create hundreds of unique articles back-linking to your pages each and every day. This is how you can increase your rankings and get a lot of free traffic from the search engines.

These articles are so powerful that I call them Super Spinnable Articles!


What are the article topics?

All the article topics will be about internet marketing related subjects. I personally do keyword research and product research to make sure that the articles are well researched and written to target only the hottest IM topics and the most in-demand Internet Marketing niches and subjects so that you can easily use it to promote your new hot products, websites and affiliate offers.  You will never run out of hot new offers to promote with these articles.

Each week, your spinnable article pack will consist of related IM topics, so that you can even slap them together and create your own unique short report or your own unique niche blog or website.

Here are some of categories that will be included:
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Making Money Online
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Marketing
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Article Marketing
  • Website Traffic
  • PPC
  • Copywriting
  • Home business
  • Blogging
  • Membership sites
  • Niche Site Marketing
  • Forum marketing
  • Resell Rights
  • Website Creation
  • List Building and Email Marketing

That was probably a lot for you to take in.  Let's recap what you get...

So, What EXACTLY will you get if you join Weekly Spin Ready Articles TODAY:

Weekly Spin Ready Articles

EACH WEEK you will get a pack of 5 brand new articles that are:

->450 - 550 words of unique content each, after spun.
->Original and well researched.
->Targeting *HOT* Internet Marketing topics.
->Made super spinnable in the most common spin syntax -  { | }
->Spun by a professional human using nested spins on sentence, phrase and word level variations to a very high uniqueness %.
->Ready for you to plug in and generate 1000's of unique readable articles.
->Regular tips and training on how you can use your spinnable articles to boost your business..

That means that you will have one article to submit for every work day of the week, excluding weekends.  This is enough to get massive amounts of extra traffic and backlinks.

If you submit these articles with the URL's of your sites, anchor texted, every week, you are almost guaranteed to boost your site all the way up to Google Page 1 in no time at all.

Become a Weekly Spin-Ready Articles PREMIUM Member!

Weekly Spin-Ready Premium Membership Card

As a Premium Member of you will have access to our exclusive membership area where you can get:

->Access to 5 new spin-ready articles each week. (Sent directly to your email)

-> A complete Training Centre full of helpful courses/guides and tips on how you can market your business using spin-ready articles.

-> A Suggestion Section where you can make suggestions for upcomming article topics or for extra training material.

->Access to my personal email address that you can use to ask me about the articles or how to improve your business. 

Not satisfied with this deal yet?

Look What Else YOU Get!!

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, I offer you an exclusive training course for FREE!  This will help you to maximize your article marketing with spin-ready articles.

FREE BONUS  (Valued at $47):

Spin Ready Article Marketing

Not sure how you can benefit from these Spin-Ready Articles or think that it may be too hard for you?  As a FREE Bonus, I give you my special report called Spin-Ready Article Marketing that will reveal everything there is to know about article spinning.

The Spin-Ready Article Marketing Guide will reveal:

->What you need to know about article spinning.
->What is article spinning and what is the pros and cons.
->How to generate tons of targeted traffic and backlinks with spinnable articles.
->How to create a super spinnable article easily.
->How to put your article marketing efforts on autopilot.
->Most effective way to submit your articles.
->Ways to get spinnable articles without writing them.

->And much more...

(Valued at $27)!

Where to submit your spin ready articles

Don't know where to submit your new articles?

This report will list the URL's of over 1200 article directories for you to submit your spin-ready articles to. 

These include loads of article directories with high PR and many directories with revenue sharing. (So that you can earn for clicks you get.) 

As an added bonus, the guide also tells you how you can auto submit to all of these easily.

Still not convinced?


60 Days Money Back Guarantee!

I am so confident that I am over delivering with this product, that I am willing to let you try this membership risk free for 60 days.  If during this time, you feel that Weekly Spin-Ready Articles is not everything that I promised and that you didn't get your money's worth, let me know and you will get all your money back, no problem.


This is a VERY EXCLUSIVE membership and I will only open the doors to the first 100 action takers that jump on this.

I want to keep the value of these spin-ready articles as high as possible, so unfortunately I won't be able to accept more than 100 members at any one time.  This will ensure that our members benefit to the max with these articles and that the articles retain their uniqueness.

After the first 100 members sign up, I am closing the doors for good...

It's time to make a choice: 

Are you going to continue wasting hours of your precious time creating original articles or are you going to grab this opportunity by the balls and get thousands of unique articles that you can use over and over to build unlimited backlinks and get more traffic?

How much would 5 well-written totally pre-spun articles in current hot in-demand Internet Marketing niches be worth to you?

It takes my professional team of article writers and spinners as long as 7 hours writing and spinning 1 of these articles. I have seen membership sites charging you $147 per month for the same service.  These sites sell their spinnable articles for a "discounted" price of $17 per article! 

I will go one step further in my persuit to over deliver and beat all these sites and services with my price and still deliver on quality.  While I can easily get over $17 per article, I am going to give you access to these spin-ready articles for less than $2 each

If this isn't over-delivering, I don't know what is.

For Warrior Forum Members, I am offering PREMIUM ACCESS for a special LAUNCH PRICE:


$39.95 Initial charge and then you will be billed $39.95 once a month.

(Price for FIRST 25 members only, after that I will raise the price to the normal $69.95/month)

-> YES!  Let me in, Bertus!

I want to get boat loads of traffic and skyrocket my websites to Google Page 1 by getting 1000's of backlinks with these super spinnable articles.

I want to be one of the the elite few that will have total access to a NEW high quality pack of 5 original, highly unique, spin-ready articles on HOT Internet Marketing topics EACH WEEK.

I will instantly become a PREMIUM member and will have unlimited access to everything this membership offers.

As one of the maximum 100 exclusive members, I will also have FREE access to the bonus training material, "Spin-Ready Article Marketing" and  "Where to submit your articles" so that I can discover how to boost my traffic and build 1000's of high quality backlinks with these spin ready articles in no time at all.

Click on "add to cart" NOW, secure your spot as PREMIUM Member  of Weekly Spin-Ready Articles and lock yourself in for only $39.95/month before the price goes up.

Add to Cart
After your secure $39.95 payment through Clickbank, you will get almost instant access to the premium membership area and your first batch of 5 new spin-ready articles in .txt or .doc format will be emailed directly to you. You will have instant access to your bonus training courses that you can access with Microsoft Office or Open Office and Adobe Acrobat. You will continue to get a new batch of articles each week, until you decide to end your monthly membership.  You can end your membership at any time you choose, and you will not be billed anymore.  We will not share your details with anyone.

Please contact me if you have any further questions.  I will see you on the inside...

Your friend in marketing,

Bertus Engelbrecht

Bertus Engelbrecht

P.S.  Remember:  After the first 100 members sign up, I will close the doors to this membership forever. Also, after the first 25 members signed up, I will raise the price to $69.95, so lock yourself in for the exclusive launch price of only $39.95/month NOW for your Weekly Spin-Ready Articles.

P.P.S.  If you JOIN TODAY, you will also get FREE access to my "Spin-Ready Article Marketing" training course and also get my "Where to submit your articles" guide so that you can maximize your article marketing, build unlimited backlinks and get lots of extra traffic easily.

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