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"This is an honest no-holds-barred unbiased real Clickbank Code Review. I know exactly what you want to know"

In this Review we will tell you everything you need to know before buying The Clickbank Code.  Make sure you read everything, because this isn't one of those hyped up promotion based review pages for The Clickbank Code.  This is a real review by a person that actually bought this system and other systems like it.  If you read this review all the way to the bottom there could be awaiting a very unique bonus offer for you today!

Is The Clickbank Code a scam?

Will The Clickbank Code actually make you money?

I’ll answer the first question: Is The Clickbank Code a scam?

No, The Clickbank Code is NOT really a scam although people that have bought Commission BlueprintThe Clickbank Code have been tested and proven to work by top Clickbank earners that bring in loads of cash.  Seriously, Clickbank doesn’t send a check to these guys, they send a dump truck loaded to the brim with stacks of neatly wrapped cash and drop it off at their doorsteps. might feel like that.  The methods inside

The Clickbank Code Review
The Clickbank Code Review

The techniques inside The Clickbank Code are controversial.

One might argue that the teachings inside The Clickbank Code are VERY similar to that of Commission Blueprint.  If you don’t know what Commission Blueprint is, you definitely need to click the nearest Commission Blueprint link immediately because you are WAAAAY behind what other successful marketers know.

It’s hard to say whether The Clickbank Code creator Michael Jones simply rehashed the Commission Blueprint material or if he actually came up with the very similar method independently without knowing of Commission Blueprint’s existence.

Either way, here’s what you need to know. 

Our review of The Clickbank Code is this:

DON’T buy The Clickbank Code.

Commission Blueprint is much more valuable in so many aspects.

Commission Blueprint has a 7 day trial that will cost you $4.95.  After the 7 day trial, it’s $67 per month.  At $67 per month, Commission Blueprint is still worth every penny because if you implement Commission Blueprint strategies, they WILL work.  There’s no question whether you will make Clickbank sales.  They have a members area and expand it every single month to provide ongoing money-making techniques to their members.

You may think that $67 a month is expensive but chances are by the end of the first month you will be making enough money to cover that cost and then some so it won’t matter anyways.  Like you though, I hate monthly recurring fees too but I wouldn’t recommend Commission Blueprint if it wasn’t worth it.

Now, let’s contrast Commission Blueprint with The Clickbank Code.

In our opinion, The Clickbank Code is nothing more than a cheap imitation of Commission Blueprint.  Michael Jones has copied Commission Blueprint right down to the very slides and even narration.  In The Clickbank Code, the only thing you will learn that wasn’t covered by Commission Blueprint is article marketing.  That’s because Commission Blueprint is a course that deals exclusively with Clickbank and Adwords.

Anybody that has bought Commission Blueprint will tell you that the creator - Steven Clayton - walks you through step-by-step how to set up campaigns, how to track campaigns, how to find keywords, etc.  A lot of people really like how he presents it and leaves no stone unturned (myself included).

In the Clickbank Code, it’s nothing more than Michael Jones narrating Powerpoint slides.  First, understand something right now.  You don’t learn affiliate marketing by watching Powerpoint slides and having somebody talk at you.

You learn by seeing exactly where you need to go, what you need to do, and how you need to do it.

In Commission Blueprint, Steven Clayton takes you through setting up an Adwords campaign centered around an Acne product and keywords.  Along the way, he shows you how to track keywords, how to leverage the power of Adwords editor, the actual tools that he uses to pull in +$30,000 month, how he creates landing pages, and so much more.

Those who buy The Clickbank Code are seriously going to be hurting when they attempt to implement the strategies that Michael Jones talks about because his directions and guidance are vague.  This is likely due to the fact that he’s plagiarizing his material from Commission Blueprint.

To be quite blunt, I’m honestly not convinced that Michael Jones knows nothing about  Adwords and Clickbank.  My theory is that he took a whole bunch of money, threw it into Adwords campaigns, cared nothing about the profitability and ONLY about getting his Clickbank sales high enough so he could sell you The Clickbank Code.

He knew you’d be impressed by $48,000 in two months.

I’m sure he figured he could make up for his Adwords losses by selling enough Clickbank Code courses… which, I’m sure he has.

Imagine if I borrowed $100,000 from my bank and invested it into Adwords selling Clickbank products.  Let’s say I outsource my landing pages and launch a massive Clickbank campaign.  There’s no DOUBTI’m going to make Clickbank sales.  I could easily make $48,000 in two months for sure.

The real question is, how much money did I have to SPEND to make that $48,000?  That’s what you need to be asking yourself when you read The Clickbank Code sales page.

Think about it.  If he’s pawning someone else’s course material, what else is he hiding?

When you watch him pick keywords, you’ll see why I doubt his credibility.  Another thing, he doesn’t just “kind of” copy Commission Blueprint, he clearly uses statements and course materials word-for-word, slide-by-slide, right down to the very sentences.

If you don’t believe me, watch this:

What you’re seeing isn’t some isolated incident that I chose to show to try and make The Clickbank Code look bad.  The narration and the slides are copied like this throughout.

Will The Clickbank Code Really Make You Money?

The information in The Clickbank Code can make you money.  One positive aspect about The Clickbank Code is that it’s a one-time payment of $77 instead of $67 per month like Commission Blueprint.  But, it’s also a cheap replica low-quality knock-off.  If you’re low on money, I’d advise you to join Commission Blueprint for one month and absorb all the information you can in that months time.  Give it a fair evaluation and see for yourself.

Most members find that they’re making enough money with Commission Blueprint after the first month anyway so they keep their membership going.

Our Recommendation

We recommend that you pass on The Clickbank Code and getCommission Blueprint.

UPDATE: Steven Clayton has just released his new product SEM BUSINESS BLUEPRINT!

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