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"This Clickbank Pirate review is unbiased and will tell you everything you need to know before you buy The Clickbank Pirate turnkey money making system."
Special Bonuses: If you decide to order this system today, you will get exclusive super bonuses that includes free Traffic generating training courses, ebooks and reports that are worth more than $2000!  These supplement CB Pirate very well and I can even go as far as to say that they are essential if you want make a full time income just with Clickbank Pirate alone.  (Descriptions of the bonuses at bottom of page) Clickbank Pirate with Bonus

Product description:
Clickbank Pirate is a complete turnkey system that was developed by famous internet marketers Soran Jordanson and Cindy Battey.  It provides you with everything you need to start your own internet business selling clickbank products.  You don't need a website, autoresponder or anything.  They give you everything you need to start making money in 15 minutes time and you can make money on autopilot once you set it up.

Detailed overview:  Clickbank Pirate - Clickbank sales snapshot
Jordanson and Battey take turnkey businesses to a new level with Clickbank Pirate.  This system includes web hosting and build in autoresponders.  You get 5 professionally designed high converting squeeze pages of 5 different Clickbank products and they continue to give you more squeeze pages every month.  These are build in with with the autoresponders and captures leads for you automatically.   Clickbank Pirate even goes so far that they provide welcome emails to the leads that sign up and send follow up emails and well written pre sell reports to your lists for you automatically.   This is great, because this means that CB Pirate actually does the marketing for you.  They continue to market to your list and you get all the commissions that are generated from the sales.  You can even recieve commissions when you stopped using Clickbank Pirate.

Not all CB Pirate users will get the same squeeze pages.  This means that the market won't get over saturated and they keep on giving you 1 new squeeze page to promote every month.  They also give you a professionally designed blog with posts that you can use.  You can also post any articles on your blog, it is completely yours.  These keyword rich blog articles will help to promote your squeeze pages.  They also give you a whole range of marketing tools like banners, forums signatures, reports, reviews, videos etc.  So the only thing that you have to do is drive traffic to your squeeze pages.  Jordansen and Battey did all the hard work for you.  99% of the work is already done for you, so that you only have to promote your squeeze pages.  Nothing could be easier.

From using the squeeze pages, I can honestly say that they are professionally made and converts very well.  They are eye catching, have great graphics, videos and opt in forms before the fold, everything a good squeeze page needs. 

Training is a priority for Jordansen and Battey.   Clickbank Pirate members will also be able to attend live web conferences and enjoy webinars with leaders in this industry.  You can also view all training replays.  They are well known leaders in Internet Marketing and brought out many successful products and I can say that all of their products are great value buys that pay for themselves over and over.

You won't get rich with Clickbank Pirate overnight, but the system is so easy to get into, you can literally start making money within a few hours.  You can good steady income and as your list grows, you will start making a very good income.  Nothing is easier and this system is perfect for novices and experienced internet marketers alike. 

What I liked the most about CB Pirate:
  • You don't need your own web hosting or sites.
  • Professionally designed high converting squeeze pages.
  • Build in autoresponders and list building with follow ups on autopilot.
  • Make residual income, even when you stopped promoting it.
  • Its very easy to use and get into.
  • Cheap price.

What I didn't like about CB Pirate:
  • You get 5 ready made squeeze pages to start off with, so you don't have a choice in the products.
  • Because you don't have to design the squeeze pages, it could be boring for the experienced marketer.
To see real screen shots of Clickbank Pirate commissions with proof and testimonials if you view the Clickbank Pirate official page.

You can also view this video review of Clickbank Pirate:

"So where are my special bonuses that you promised?"
I believe in providing real value to the internet marketing community and want to try and help you make as much money as you can.  To help you, I am going to give you amazing special bonuses if you decide to buy Clickbank Pirate through our site today.  These bonuses compliment CB Pirate excellently and will help you to make you even more succesful by helping you to promote your links. These bonuses are of very high quality and you won't get them anywhere else on the internet for free.

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A complete 114 page guide that shows you exactly how to increase your traffic free to get more sales and profits.  It includes:
  • How to get free traffic
  • How to boost response
  • Get repeat vistors
  • Get free backlinks
  • Build your own list
  • Using free traffic
  • Get back end marketing

free traffic

A ground breaking 40 page special report that details how you can use free traffic to market your links and websites, even if you are broke.  It includes:

  • How to get more traffic from articles
  • Link building for success
  • Traffic with newsletters and ezines
  • Use forums to increase traffic
  • Use SEO
  • How to use RSS
  • How to use press releases
  • and more

how to get free traffic

A great 27 page special report that gives you unique ways to send visitors to your websites and links, including:

  • How to get free traffic
  • One way links
  • Yahoo answers
  • Articles, blogs, Rss
  • Using Free classifieds, forums and newsletters
  • Use free directories, squido lenses and press releases
  • Social networking, bookmarking and marketing
  • Special resources

How to start an online business a newbie's guide

A huge 118 page e-book telling you everything you need to know to start an online business, doesn't matter what business it is.
  • How to choose an online business
  • How to market your online business
  • How to successfully run your business
  • Etc.

dotcomlogy The science of making money online

A whole complete 325 page e-book telling you everything you need to start working form home and become wealthy as hell, including:
  • How to get started and business ideas
  • Secrets to winning traffic with search engines
  • Buying advertisers and keeping customers
  • Getting rich from affiliate programs
  • Exploding income with email and newsletter, press releases and viral marketing.
  • Creating your own software product
  • All you need to skyrocket your web profits

Pips Power Book

Amazing 80 page e-book telling you how you can profit from a plug in and profit site.  This includes different mentors and guru's telling you:
  • Their success stories
  • How to plan success in an online business
  • Their personal tips and tricks
  • Their daily routines and how to get organised
  • Giving you their resources and tools
  • How to avoid their mistakes

Harnessing the power of article marketing

A 43 page e-book telling you everything you need to know about Article Marketing for building traffic, including:
  • Why and how to write articles
  • Successful SEO article writing
  • How to publish and market your articles for huge traffic gains.
  • How to make your own e-books from articles and become rich

You Tube Traffic

Complete 54 page e-book telling you how you can become rich just by marketing with Youtube including:
  • Researching Youtube
  • What type of videos work
  • Equipment and software needed
  • Uploading and planning videos to make money
  • Special tactics for marketing videos to boost traffic

The #1 way to electrify your ads

Huge 71 page e-book telling you how to make insane profits with the right ads, including how to:
  • Drive more traffic to your site
  • Increase Opt-ins on squeeze page
  • Convert more readers to buyers
  • Fuel your ability to make more long term sales and profits
  • How to say more using less words
  • Much much more...

Viral Copy Trading words for traffic

A great 30 page guide that tells you everything you need to know about:
  • Blogging better for traffic
  • How to become a master at copywriting
  • how to choose viral keywords
  • How to turn your business viral.

Start your first wordpress blog with this beginner's guide

A 50 page guide telling everything you need to know about Wordpress blogging, including:
  • Buying your first domain name
  • Getting your first hosting account
  • Installing your first wordpress blog
  • Configuring your blog for big profits
  • Posting good content
  • Good link management

Boost your email deliverablility with this guide

A nice 22 page guide telling you how you can boost your email deliverability and boost your income, including:
  • Steps to improve deliverability
  • Why email marketers use this
  • Email deliverability services you can use
  • Email accreditation and value added resellers

Myspace Secrets - social marketing

A helpful 38 page e-book giving all the secrets to marketing with MySpace and social media, including:
  • How to market with Myspace
  • How to get started with MySpace
  • Building your friends list
  • Making money with MySpace
  • Avoiding TOS violations

Free internet marketing for the beginner

BONUS 14-20
An amazing set of 7 complete e-books for beginners in internet marketing on:
  • Google Adwords
  • Traffic Exchange
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Email Marketing
  • Headline writing
  • Offline Marketing
  • Sales Letter Writing

As a special super bonus you also get ongoing personal internet marketing training from me where I share all my experience in the industry with you and personally help you to become successful.  This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Step by step training to set up your own online business of your choice.
  • Step by step training to set up your own money making sites.
  • Unique tips and secrets on how to promote and market your business.
  • Extra ways to make money on the internet.
  • Daily live communication and chat to help you from getting your first sale to make a nice residual income and finally to become financially independent.

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3.  Mail me a copy of your invoice or your invoice code with "Give me my BONUSES" in the subject line. (my email: bertuseng@googlemail.com)
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