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How to Make a Money Making Website

You can start off in the Internet Marketing business without your own website and you can make some money, but you will never make it big and earn what the super affiliates earn.  For that you need to make a money making website, and a good one at that.  Creating your own website doesn't have to be difficult.  I am going to tell you step for step what to do so that you can make your own money making website.

What to do:

1.  You need a  reliable and cheap web hosting company to host your new website.  I use Justhost, they cost less than $4/month and are very reliable.  I find their customer service is better than most web hosters and they use Cpanel which makes it easy to create and edit web pages, without knowing any html or anything. Don't use a free web hosting company. If you want to rank well in google, you will have to make a money making website with a proper domain name, free sites don't rank well.

2.  Now choose your domain name. Any name that is easy to remember and relevant is good enough.  Use a .com for your money making website.  I chose Freebonus4u.com, because I give out free bonuses with all my review products.

3.  Decide what kind of money making website you are going to make. You can have a website with a lot of pitch pages, review website or you can choose a specific niche to target and make website about that.  The easiest way that is a sure money maker is probably to make a kind of review website, where you review new products.  You insert your links into these pages, and people will get sent to your affiliate offers.  Important - Before you start to make a money making website, decide what your angle is going to be, how is your site going to be different from the thousands that is already on the web.

4.  Start creating content for your site. You can use a free web editor like NVU.  If you want to get free traffic from the search engines, you need to create a lot of quality content on your website that is very keyword rich.  That means that if you have a review site, make sure you create a bunch of reviews.  Start with at least 5/day until you have about 30 pages and then you can slow down.  I suggest having at least 60 quality keyword rich content pages when you make a money making website.  Choose long tail keywords and use it a lot of times in your web page.  Like for instance I am targeting the keywords, "make a money making website" in this article.  By using that a lot, but not overusing it, the search engines will pick it up and get me good rankings and more traffic.  CONTENT IS KING for creating good sites.

5.  Design your website well. Make use of pictures, colors, big fonts, videos and whatever so that it is eye catching, yet simple and easy to navigate.  Having web design experience will help you a lot, but with the great web editors you get, you can make a pretty decent money making website without too much experience.  Make sure it is user friendly, then it should be okay.

6.  Get a good autoresponder to build a list. Aweber is the best and have a special of only $1 for the first month.  Put a sign up form on a prominant spot on your website that entices the viewer to sign up to your money making website with some sort of freebie.  Give away a free money making ebook or some valuable training or hints.  You can continue to market to this list and sell to them later.  This is a very important marketing tool.

7.  Use linking in your website. Make sure you put a lot of links of your own pages on your website.  Link back to your home page from all your pages and cross link your pages.  The more links point to your pages, the better for google rankings. 

8.  Get a lot of one way links when you make a money making website.  Links to your website show Google how popular your website is, so get a lot of them.  How?  Create posts on blogs and article directories and link to pages on your website.  Also make use of forum signatures and make regular comments on money making forums.  Put links to your website in the forum signatures. You can also contact people from popular sites/blogs and ask them if they will add a link to your site in exchange for you also returning the favor.  You can also use a free traffic system to get you hundreds of targeted links automatically.

9. Now that money making website is up and running, there are two things left to do.  First is marketing for your website. There are two kinds, free and paid advertising.  You can use google adwords to pay for advertising, it works well, but could be costly.  So how can you use free advertising?  You read more about that elsewhere, but here is what you can do to get started - Write keyword rich articles and post them on Ezine Aticles and other article directories.   You can create free blogs and post about your site, linking to it.  You can use social media like Facebook and Twitter.  You can make a bunch of videos and submit them to youtube and other video sites. If you use Tubemogul (free), you can download to many sites at once. 

10.  The last thing you have to do is to continue to create content when you make a money making website, especially if you have a affiliate review site.  If you are finished with no. 10, go to no. 9 again and repeat.  Create content and articles, market, repeat. Easy as that.

This sounds like a lot of trouble, but it really isn't that difficult.  Just follow the steps and you should be able to make a money making website in no time at all.  If you think making your own site, with autoresponder and marketing it, is too much trouble you, you can still get started with affiliate marketing.   If you get Clickbank Pirate, you get 5 well made money making website squeeze pages with autoresponders build in.  They even market to the list that you build with these web pages of yours.  So the only thing you have to do is promote your link, it's very easier like this so I could recommend this to anyone who doesn't want to go through all this trouble.  This is good for making money almost instantly, but if you want to build up a good online business, I still recommend you make your own money making website.

Good luck.

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